History & Relation to AC Grand Rapids


Asian Center– SE MI (AC-SE MI) has a close relationship with its mother company,Asian Center– West Michigan AC-W MI). They will collaborate with each other, each Center supporting overflow projects from the other. For example, recently, the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan was working on the Michigan“Blood Spot” project. AC-SE MI was asked to participate but was unable to due to resource issues, so the project was referred to AC-W MI.

AC-SE MI and AC-W MI have been collaborating on Asian American health fairs in Grand Rapids since 2007. The hepatitis B project at AC-SE MI is a major resource for Grand Rapids since it has the largest Vietnamese population in Michigan. Vietnamese also have the highest prevalence of hepatitis B among all Asian ethnic groups. The recent health reform dissemination project was initiated at AC-SE MI, and eventually workshops were offered to the Grand Rapids area.

Although the two Centers work well together, each has its own funding sources and grant management. To maintain separate bookkeeping and bank accounts, each keeps its own financial records and files its own tax return. For this reason, AC-SE MI applied for its own 501c3 non-profit incorporation inMichiganand obtained its own tax exempt status with IRS in early 2011.


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