Resource Advocates Project

Asian Center – Southeast MI

Resource Advocates Project

Project Goals:

To help senior Asian Americans (60 years and older) to live independently

Qualification of RA caregiver candidates:

  • Bilingual: fluent in English and one Asian language (Chinese, Hindi, Korean, tagalog or Vietnamese)
  • Familiar with his/her community and willing to work with and help seniors (6 years and older)
  • Willing to work on weekends as well as weekdays
  • Willing to work some in-kind hours for the service
  • Willing to attend all necessary training required by the job
  • No criminal record (AC-SE MI needs to conduct background check)

Roles/Responsibility for Resource Advocates:

  • Attend all required training for the program given by Federal, State, and County organizations, and other related knowledge improvement training
  • Attend necessary meetings related to the RA project called by AC-SE MI
  • Follow “Resource Advocates” practice Minimum Standard guidelines to offer services to the community (p2 & 3)
  • Visit clients if necessary
  • Follow the procedures, manage paper work for all services rendered and send the require documents to AC-SE MI RA manager after each completed case

Documentation Required for each RA & service:

  • RA registration form
  • Client waitlist
  • Client registration form
  • Service log sheets


Resource Advocates Project

Service Name: Resource Advocacy

Service Category: Access

Service Definition: Resource Advocacy is an integral component of the AAA 1-B Access Team which is comprised of Resource Advocates, Resource Advocacy Supervisor(s), Nutrition Assessors, AAA 1-B Care Managers, AAA 1-B Care Management Supervisors, Resource Specialist(s) and the AAA 1-B Program Manager. The Access Team works in conduction with other aging and disability network collaboratives to support and enhance access to services. Resource Advocates seek out, identify, and assist older adults in need of community services to identify resources that meet their needs. Resource Advocates work in collaboration with the AAA 1-B, but do not duplicate the work of AAA 1-B staff.

Unit of Service: One hour of Resource Advocacy service includes assisting older adults using person-centered techniques either in person or via the telephone to meet the individual’s identified need, within the parameters set by the minimum standards.



Minimum Standards

  1. Resource Advocates develop expertise in understanding the range of services and benefits available to older adults in their community.
  2. Resource Advocates use a variety of strategies, including face-to-face or telephone contacts to seek out, assess, and assist older adults who are in need of options counseling, MMAP assistance, and/or long-term care services.
  3. Resource Advocates assist older adults with immediate and emergency needs for food, shelter, or other basic needs. Assistance may include warm transfer referrals to appropriate agencies.
  4. Resource Advocates collaborate with Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC), local senior centers, senior housing buildings, faith-based organizations, and other organizations in the community to identify and assist seniors in need of services.
  5. At least one Resource Advocate from each contracted organization shall be certified as a Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) Counselor. However, the AAA 1-B recommends that all Resource Advocates are trained on MMAP, particularly Medicare Part D and Medicare Savings Programs/Low Income Subsidies.
    a.           Certified MMAP Counselors must meet reporting requirements developed by the state office
    b.           Certified MMAP Counselors must participate in relevant MMAP training in order to maintain certification as required by the state office.
  6. Resource Advocates receive, follow up, and report on Gatekeeper referrals within 10 business days.
  7. Resource Advocates receive, follow up, and report on any referrals received from AAA 1-B Care Managers and/or Resource Specialists within 10 business days.
  8. Resource Advocacy contractors shall collaborate with racial/ethnic/culturally diverse organization to target services to individuals who are low income and/or culturally/racially diverse. Targeting goals are developed annually as required by the state office.
  9. Resource Advocates work in partnership with AAA 1-B to receive appropriate and required training, make referrals and request through the Community Living Program (CLP).
  10. Resource Advocates shall work in partnership with the Aging and Disability Resources Center (ADRC) and obtain certification as an ADRC Options Counselor. Certification will be coordinated between the AAA 1=B and Michigan Office of Services to the Aging (OSA). Options Counselors shall report activities as required by the state office.
  11. Resource Advocates and Resource Advocacy Supervisor(s) shall participate in Access Team meetings at least twice per contract year to strengthen partnerships, attend trainings, streamline processes, and review outcomes from services provided. Resource Advocates/Supervisors shall participate once a year in a regional meeting/training focused on contract issues and other relevant issues identified by the AAA 1-B and/or contractors.
  12. Resource Advocates are required to provide practical assistance with the following:
    1. Community Living Program (CLP)
    2. Options Counseling
    3. Medicare/Medicaid
    4. Gatekeeper Program
    5. Referrals to AAA 1-B and/or appropriate organizations for Information & Assistance
  13. If resources are available, other services may also be provided including: practical assistance with prescription assistance (other than Medicare Part D) and Tax Assistance (Home Heating Credit and Homestead Property Tax Credit). Presentations given by Resource Advocates specific to programs/services and participation in community/health fairs are limited under AAA 1-B funding to 8% of the total contracted units per contractor, per contract year. Contractors participating in community/health fairs may count participants only when providing one-on-one assistance. Prior authorization/approval is required by the AAA 1-B Resource Advocacy Program Manager for any other services provided by the Resource Advocates under the AAA 1-B Resource Advocacy contract.


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