Korean American Cultural Center of Michigan


The Korean American Cultural Center of Michigan (KACCM) was founded in 1965 to help Korean immigrants adjust to the culture in Michigan.  KACCM registered as a non-profit organization in 2002 and moved into its current location, 24666 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, Michigan 48075 (website: www.kaccm.org).  The mission of the KACCM organization is to provide the Korean community in Michigan with a variety of Korean cultural activities, cultural exchange events, health-promotion programs, education and counseling services to promote the quality of life and mutual understanding of cultural differences.

KACCM is proud to hold three signature events annually for the cultural enrichment of the Korean American community: the Danoh Festival, the Health Seminar Series, and the Korean Traditional Art Festival.  The Danoh Festival is held annually to celebrate Korean holiday that featured food, games, art contest, and entertainment that is open to the public.  The Danoh festival also features an art exhibition which showcases classical Korean dance, art and cuisine.  This celebration unites the Korean American community with the local community in Michigan by sharing a cultural holiday, fostering a shared appreciation for cultural differences.  Students from Korean community and from the community at large participate in “Art Contest” at the site.  The topic of the contest is Korean culture, clothing, language, scenery, and people.   KACCM also holds its Health Seminar Series to promote health awareness in the Korean community.  KACCM art class students and teachers perform at the annual Korean Traditional Art Festival.

The KACCM organization also serves the community in Michigan with a variety of year-round services and culturally-enriching programs.  Some established programs are Korean translation services for hospitals and courtrooms for people who need assistance interpreting important medical information at hospitals and legal information, KSL (Korean as a second language, Hangul School) teaches Korean culture by exposing participants to Korean cuisine, the Korean language (written and spoken), ESL (English as a second language) teaches English to Korean to adapt smoothly their foreign environment.  Especially there are many classes to teach traditional Korean janggoban instrument, samulnori, dance, gayaegum instrument, art and painting class that combines Western and Korean art.  All lessons are for the beginner, intermediate and advanced students, and the KACCM classes are open to public.



KACCM’s plans for 2011 include initiating youth and senior programs, maintaining and improving the current language programs, reaching out to the mainstream culture by initiating relationship between Southfield city and one of Korean city to promote cultural and student exchange program.


Of the aforementioned goals, KACCM’s main priorities include: (1) increased participation in current programs, (2) the implementation of additional cultural and health-promotion programs and (3) the utilization of key networks and resources in the community.

The following program activities are either on going or being planned for implementation:

  • Adult School (Silver College, Languages, Health Programs, Music, and hobbies etc.)
  • Music (performance, concerts)
  • Art Exhibition (Pottery, Painting, Calligraphy, and Korean Artifacts etc)
  • Senior Citizens Party (New Year, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Anniversary etc.)
  • Local organizations conference (Office or Professional and Social Group)
  • Youth School (2nd Generation, Adoptee meeting, Korean Language, Cultural Education etc.)
  • Care Line Service (Free Diagnosis, Counseling, Treatment)
  • Cooperative Medical Service with other Organizations: with Health Association of Asian Program (HAAP) KACCM conducts preventive medical programs (breast and uterus cancer and other diseases)
  • Various Classes and Seminars (Seminar Room Capacity 100-150, 2 ea)
  • Library (Korean/Foreign Books and News papers)
  • Museum (Folk Arts, antiques and other art works)
  • Coterie (Hobby)meetings (Bah-dook, Chess, Music, Movie Appreciation, Social Dance etc.)
  • Celebration Party (Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, other Celebration Event)
  • Information Exchange Meeting (News, Job Opportunities, Dialogue)
  • Public Meetings (Government, VIP Invitation speakers)
  • Counseling, Tutoring etc.
  • English Lessons, Orientation to American Life (Language, Custom, Protocol, Elementary and civic laws)
  • Civil Society Movement (Movement to address issues in the Korean community including substance abuse, domestic violence, gambling and the prevention of prostitution)


These priorities are dependent on financial resources like private sponsorship and grant funding.  In 2011, KACCM will strive to apply for 3 grants KACCM aims to increase participation in current programs by promoting KACCM activities and services through various media sources and affiliate organizations.