PPACA Health Reform Dissemination

2011 Michigan Minority Health Month

Asian Center – SE MI Program Description

Theme: “Empowerment through Education and Awareness: Impact of Health Care Reform on Racial and Ethnic Populations in Michigan”

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – PPACA (Health Care Reform Law)



In 2011, Asian Center – Southeast Michigan (AC-SE MI) received 2 small grants from Michigan Department of Community Health to educate and disseminate the newly approved “Health Care Reform Law” to Asian Americans. Programs from these 2 grants included:

  1. A single event to train community health workers about the new PPACA law
  2. Multiple education workshops to disseminate PPACA to Asian American communities

The project would take place in April of 2011, which was designated as the Michigan Minority Health Month.

Single Event Project Description:

Project Objectives:

The sole objective of this single event is to train and build capacity for Asian American health leaders and advocates to understand correctly and properly the health care reform law (PPACA) so they can disseminate it to their community using their native language to those who speak limited or no English.


Single Event:

This single event is a training workshop. AC-SE MI will collaborate with its 5 long term partner organizations to recruit community health leaders and advocates who want to learn more details about PPACA and are willing to disseminate this act to their community. These organizations already have health advocates working with AC-SE MI in 2010 on the MDCH CBG Phase I project. Each partner had at least 5 such advocates in addition to the organization stake holder and project manager. It is expected to have about 40 participants from the partner organizations and 10 staff members of AC-SE MI including a few facilitators and helpers. The total participants are expected to be about 50.


The date is selected to be on Saturday, April 2, 2011 and the venue is Schoolcraft VistaTech Conference Center. This training will take about 3 hours in the morning; breakfast will be served by the Schoolcraft Culinary School students. An expert speaker is needed from the MDCH list of speakers.


The format of this workshop will include the following activities:

  • Seat participants in small groups (up to 10 participants per group) to discuss what they know about the PPACA before the seminar, each group will elect a scribe to write down their list of understanding and a 2nd list of questions on an easel pad or a regular pad of paper
  • Each group takes turns to report out one item from their list that is NOT previously reported; facilitator will compile 2 lists: their understanding and their questions
  • Follow a reporting sequence until every group exhausts their lists
  • Then the speaker will present the PPACA, confirming what the audience know and addressing what they didn’t know or misunderstanding
  • Q & A, dialog and discussion
  • AC-SE MI will present its plan for dissemination, both MDCH funded and on-going education
  • The workshop will have a few scribes and helpers to take notes and collect lists of input
  • There is a simple evaluation of 8 questions using a Likert 1-5 scale for the workshop


AC-SE MI will prepare the training package for each participant, including AC-SE MI dissemination plan with scheduled workshops and seminars, a CD of PowerPoint presentation slides, and supplemental documents to help them disseminate PPACA. This training will allow AC-SE MI continuously offer the health reform act as its on-going project since this law has big impact to immigrants. AC-SE MI has been receiving requests and questions about this new law.


All data collected from the workshop are not identifiable by any single participant, including the final evaluation. Therefore, there is no need for IRB (Institutional Review Board) approval.



ACA Dissemination Workshop Project

Project Objectives:

  1. To cascade the PPACA to Asian Americans and how it will affect their healthcare and healthcare insurance
  2. To provide an opportunity for them to ask questions about the new health reform


To achieve the objectives, AC-SE MI will lead their partner organizations to host expert speakers to assist community members in understanding the new health care law; and to organize informational/educational forum to allow community members to ask questions on how the PPACA will affect their health care & health insurance.


Project Work Plan:


AC-SE MI will offer at least 4 seminar/workshop/forum to Asian American communities in the following languages:

  1. One forum be conducted in English
  2. One forum in Chinese
  3. One forum in Korean
  4. One forum in Vietnamese


The first forum is targeted to all Asian Americans who can understand English, and it is expected to be the largest one, roughly about 100 participants. The 3 smaller ones conducted in Asian ethnic languages are targeted to those who mainly speak their native language, either don’t speak or speak very limited English. Although it is expected to have smaller audience, it will last longer since translation during the forum will take longer time to achieve the goals.


Input from the community already indicated they would like to understand:

  • how will the law affect immigrants
  • can all immigrants buy health insurance by 2014
  • how does the new health reform law affect Medicare and Medicaid


This project will allow community members to have a clear picture of how the PPACA will affect them when the law becomes in effect. Many of the Asian American elderly hear so much contradictory information from the media and having them together in a place where they can listen to experts and then ask their questions will surely allay their fears and anxieties related to the PPACA.


Asian Center – SE MI
Jan, 2011