Savvy Caregiver Training Program

Asian Americans tend to take care of all their family matters, including patients, chronic patients, old ages and end of life health matters. They don’t ask friends, professionals and governments for help and just do whatever they can to resolve problems. Of course there are always struggles, monetary or effort issues and they bite the bullet and just do it. Especially for patient care, they could spend extra efforts, even money, but not getting the results they could have gotten should there be professional help. A caregiver training is really in need among this group. That is the goal of this program. For many years, our health work allowed us see families struggle with their older members, losing health and/or memory. Here we have the first opportunity be able to offer some help to this vulnerable group by offering them proper training and help for their dementia patients. 

Specific Goal for this program: Train 34 Asian American caregivers of dementia patients.

Program includes 4 top-populated Asian American groups in MI:

  1. Asian Indians 10  (two groups)
  2. Chinese 14  (two groups) 
  3. Koreans 5   (one group) 
  4. Vietnamese/Hmong 5  (one group)

Major tasks/actions include:

  1. Recruit a program manager and a trainer for each ethnic group identified above
  2. Recruit caregivers of dementia patients (Alzheimer is a subset) 
  3. First conduct focus group studies among caregivers (can be caregivers of dementia patients that will be part of the training program, but not a requirement) to understand their issues, problems and areas needed help
  4. Conduct one “train the trainers” session (no more than 1.5 days) by State certified coach
  5. Conduct 6 “savvy caregivers” training sessions (see above ethnic group breakdown)
  6. Collect all data and submit to Program Director for clean-up and Data Analysis
  7. Submit data to funder and do self program analyses; write final program report

Counties involved are: Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne

March 2019