Brain Health and Dementia Report

From July to October the program was carried out extensively. A total of 22 sets of seminar series were completed. Some days we had 2 to 3 seminars going on from morning to evening; other days we had seminars taken place concurrently. Data have been compiled and summarized in the following table:

Seminar Series on YouTube:

Brain Health and Dementia 1
Brain Health and Dementia _How to keep our brain healthy

Seminar Records:

#Dates/TimeSpeakerAssistant# of attendees
17/20 & 27, @ 10 amJanilla LeeLisa Hou13
27/23 & 30, @ 2 pmJanilla LeeLisa Hou13
38/6 & 13, @ 6:30 pmBruce WangJanilla Lee19
48/12 & 19 @ 10 amLisa Hou—–14
58/17 & 24 @ 10 amJanilla LeeLisa Hou8
68/18 & 20 @ 7pmLisa HouYuhling Chen19
78/25 & 28 @ 7 pmMi Dong 11
88/29 & 9/5 @ 7 pmAnnie VistaReggie Laput16
99/2 & 9 @ 10 amLisa HouRong Wei20
109/8 & 11 @ 10 amLisa HouGina Meng12
119/8 & 11 @ 7 pmMi DongLeon Dong11
129/10 & 17 @7:30pmMayureeMallika Wadhawan15
139/11 & 18 @ 7 pmAnnie VistaReggie Laput14
149/14 & 21 @ 10 amJanilla LeeLisa Hou22
159/9 & 16 @ 7 pmMeeraArun Vijan17
169/14 &21 @ 11 amMeeraSwati15
179/14 &21 @ 1 pmMeeraSwati15
189/14 &21 @ 3 pmMeeraSwati29
199/15 & 18  @ 7 pmMi DongLeon Dong15
2010/3 & 10 @ 7 pmLisa HouJudy Chen23
2110/8 & 15 @ 7 pmReggie LaputVictoria Atillo17
2210/21 @ 11 am (90 minutes)Janilla LeeFrancis King15
   Total: 353

The demographic breakdown for all participants is in the following bar chart. We did not set up a separate registration for Caucasians since they did not have their own seminar class. We opened the Chinese classes for them since Dr. Lee delivered the seminar in English. So their data were mixed in the Chinese group. There were 23 Caucasians among the 178 Chinese. This would not affect the evaluation since there is no identifiable information in our evaluation system.

Program Evaluation

The program evaluation was initially set up to include both CCC and AC-SE MI questions, but it was deemed unacceptable as certain items had to be separated in order to be incorporated into the bigger database collected by the CCC team at MDHHS from their previous programs.  Therefore, the first 4 sets of seminars had the initial combined evaluation. It included the seminar overall evaluation, value and easiness of the seminar content, and self-health assessment etc. Afterwards, participants were asked to go into 2 separate evaluation systems: one for CCC and one for AC-SE MI. The former went right into MDHHS Survey Monkey files. AC-SE MI does not have access to that information and thus is not part of this data analysis. The latter evaluation from AC-SE MI was modified to avoid asking participants to answer the same questions twice. Therefore, AC-SE MI decided to just collect some health data that could be used for future programs. Here is the total numbers of evaluation collected in different segments. The following table shows how it was divided and the participating rate for each segment.

Seminar #Total # of participantsTotal # of Evaluators% of evaluation participationRemarks
5-22 29420971% 

From the above table, CCC should have received about 71% (209 out of 294) data sets from this program.

Seminar Evaluation:  Total sample size: 253 (including all seminars from #1 to #22)

Seminar Content and Value Evaluation: sample size only included seminars #1 to #4

Evaluation Comments:

Comments from classes: (only listed 1/4; most others are repeats or very similar)
The practical information for caretakers is especially useful and valuable
Refreshing our mind and pay more attention from now on.
Sleep problem cause concern of dementia
Re-enforcing and reminding. Engaging to discuss and learn more, so very helpful.
How do you know if the person is not safe to drive?
This seminar is very useful to adult people of any ages.
Dr Lee Provided very knowledgeable answers during Q&A section.
The second day material ‘Talking about Brain health & Aging’ was very helpful.
This was a very valuable and interesting seminar for my family thanks
Lisa made it more interesting by adding extra material.
Thanks for your effort in making the seminar easy to follow!
Lisa is a great instructor.
Hope seminars for other topics such as healthy diet and eye health could be organized as well.
It was very useful program. It covered things I did not pay attention much before.
Please hold more health talks
The program contents were very useful and the lecturer, Korean Group _ Mi Dong was outstanding in her knowledge with an excellent presentation.
Outstanding educational program and superb instructor.
Great job. If you could share the presentation, it would be great !!!
Meera has explain dementia and brain health in detail in a very simple way.
Very well conducted and passed on all information very professionally. I was very much impressed by her friendliness.     Dr Inder Saini
Really enjoyed the seminar. After attending the seminar need to make some change towards exercise.
suggest to extend the seminars to 90-minute, allow more time for discussion and Q&A.
I think future seminars should include the diet and resources available to Dementia people.
Thank you, Janilla, for sharing the information.

Senior Health Data Survey

During the pandemic lock-down, Zoom seminar was the perfect venue for public health education. With a more focused mind in a casual setting, participants absorbed more information than usual. We have been requested to continue such seminars that are helpful to seniors. This can be considered in 2021 programs when the partial lock-down may very much be still with us.

Janilla Lee, Asian Center – SE MI
November, 2020