General Operation Principles

Asian Center – SE MI is a 501c3 non-profit organization, non-partisan, non-political, non-religious organization.

  • Asian Center – SE MI focuses on research and services among Asian Americans, yet it is always extended to the community at large. Any open clinics or health fairs can target to Asian Americans, but will always accept any race and ethnic groups, especially for any underserved populations.
  • In order to accomplish our mission, AC-SE MI will work with any community organizations and partners to help community needs.
  • AC-SE MI holds open door policy for any community volunteers who want to serve the community regardless of their ethnicity.
  • AC-SE MI operates on an honor system. All staffs are volunteers, occasionally paid for a small fraction of their efforts; therefore, there must be total trust among staffs to reach the common goals of serving communities. Although there is a required corporate structure of staffs and each member has his/her roles/responsibilities, there is no actual hierarchy of personnel manager to oversee anyone’s performance. It is an organization with the result-oriented principles, and the amount of services rendered to the community is always the ultimate goal.
  • AC-SE MI encourages team building and collaborating with other organizations and for the better of any community.


Dec 2010

Revised Jan 2011