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To overcome social barriers, improve health and reduce health disparities for Asian Americans in Michigan.


To be the place for Asian Americans to learn about social determinants, and find help to support their health needs and concerns to improve their future health.


We are a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious and non-discriminatory humanitarian community organization working on health research and services to help Asian Americans meet their health needs.

Program for
Asian American Seniors
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Asian Center of Southeast Michigan developed a Wellness Program for Asian American Seniors. The program will be offered to qualified seniors (60 years & over). It is a workshop of 12 weeks with 2 hours/week to discuss health matters and do exercises. The workshop schedule and location vary for each group. It is also offered through Zoom, at various times throughout the community. 

View Tai Chi Videos for Senior Wellness Program for Asian Americans 


We initiated the COVID-19 Project with passion for our caring community

This is a special tribute to our frontline caregivers in Oakland County hospitals for the COVID-19 Project. We donated 1,500 lunch boxes, and put this poster in each hospital on the day of their luncheon.

Here’s Our Latest News

View the latest news for Asian Americans community at Asian Center Southeast Michigan.

Wellness Program for Asian American Seniors

Asian Center of Southeast Michigan developed a Wellness Program for Asian American Seniors. The program will be offered to qualified seniors (60 years & over). It is a workshop of[…]

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Ann Arbor Chinese Caregiver Support Program 2021

Asian Center SEMI announced the Caregivers Support Program for Chinese participants in Ann Arbor area. The caregivers support program was structured to form support groups within senior housing members that[…]

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Stop AAPI Hate

Join the Support of Stop AAPI Hate Please join us to show support of the Asian American Pacific Islander communities. If we continue to stay silent and do nothing to[…]

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Our Path to Success

These secrets of success help us create a wonderful foundation on the journey towards becoming successful.


We have a group of long-term Asian Community Health Workers (CHWs) who know their community well and are influential community leaders that can move programs.


We have many Asian community organizations that are our long-term partners who want to help their ethnic group. Our goals are always aligned with theirs, to help communities.


All our CHWs are bilingual; some may speak more than one Asian language.

The Programs We Offer

Asian Center Southeast Michigan is organized to assist our community friends in maintaining good health. The Center offers comprehensive educational programs and services through out the year to maintain or improve your health.


One of our tasks is to understand health disparities among Asian Americans. Our research centers around reducing these disparities.


We offer broad public health education to our various communities in their own language through programs and on our web site.


We offer Hepatitis B related education, screening, vaccination and patient navigation for Asian Americans, because they have a higher incidence of this disease.


We have teamed up with Walgreen to offer flu shots in the Fall when there are health fairs or any other appropriate community gatherings.


We collect pertinent information and translate it into different Asian languages and are able to distribute it among the Asian communities. This is especially important during health emergencies such as an epidemic.


When we receive calls from Asian Americans asking for help, we will try to find the help for them or direct them where to get the help. This is vital for Seniors who may have both cultural and language barriers.

Community Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our community say:

The Diabetes Prevention Program has been very helpful to me.  Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable and friendly. I hope that there will be similar programs in the future.

Maria Chang

COVID-19 Dedication Appreciation Luncheon  on May 27th, 2020.

Thank you from Henry Ford. 

Henry Ford Hospital – Detroit

The Caregiver support group gatherings on Zoom at Cranbrook Senior Housing were a great success.  We truly appreciate the two representatives from Asian Center!

Rong Wei

Ann Arbor Cranbrook Senior Housing

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