All of Us Research Program

“All of Us” is a National Institutes of Health (NIH) public health research program. Its aim is to collect 1 million Americans’ health data. The goal is to provide health researchers database to do analyses and understand diseases, so health providers can treat patients with precision medicine. Learn more at Join All of Us.

Asian Center is a member of the task force to help collect health data from Asian Americans. We are a partner of the Asian American, National Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Engagement and Recruitment Core (ARC) family for this project. The more data we can provide from AANHPI communities, the more we can understand our health, and therefore, help the communities getting precision medicines. We are very excited to be able to join this coalition and facilitate Asian American communities to provide their health data.

From the Executive Director and CEO

Message from Asian Center SEMI Executive Director and CEO, Janilla Lee, Ph.D.

The Future of Health Begins With You – We Need You

Asian Americans typically don’t like to participate in clinical studies. But it is so important that we provide data so we can eventually know how Asian Americans fare in heart disease, cancers and all kinds of other health data. This database will provide lots of information for public health. Our data can help our children and grandchildren for generations to come.

The least you can do is to provide your saliva for a DNA analysis. [Right now Ancestry charges you $500 for a DNA analysis. You can get it for free here.] Do you know recently they found a DNA marker for high risk of Alzheimer disease? Please support the program. Spread the words please. Thank you.

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