Wellness Program for Asian American Seniors

Asian Center of Southeast Michigan developed a Wellness Program for Asian American Seniors. The program will be offered to qualified seniors (60 years & over). It is a workshop of 12 weeks with 2 hours/week to discuss health matters and do exercises.

The workshop manual is in English and also translated into Chinese and Korean, and will be taught by certified instructors in English, Chinese and Korean. The workshop schedule and location vary for each group. It is also offered through Zoom, at various times throughout the community.

Wellness Program also includes a four-week Tai Chi class series with gentle exercises for seniors to improve balance, strength and health.

View Tai Chi Videos for Senior Wellness Program for Asian Americans YouTube Playlist >

This is a research project at University of Michigan under IRB HUM00232444. Please contact: janilla@umich.edu for further information.

This program is sponsored by Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation.

Please call (248) 227-4374 to find out when the workshops will be offered and through what method. The flyers provide some information and how you can contact us.