Capacity Building Grant

The program focused on reducing health and healthcare disparities in the underserved Asian American communities. In 2010, Asian Center was awarded a grant by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH, predecessor of the current Michigan Health & Human Services) to study social determinants that caused Asian Americans health disparities. A state-wide survey was conducted among the top 5 populated Asian ethic groups in Michigan and the result showed top 3 determinants are: language, transportation and basic computer skills.

Subsequently a 3-year program was developed and offered by Asian Center from 2011 to 2013 to understand and verify social determinants and provide some resolutions.

Phase 1- Analyzed the survey data, and identified community needs and recruited CHWs (Community Health Workers).

Phase 2- Developed workshops and metrics, trained CHWs and started conducting workshops in ESL and basic computer skills. Addressed transportation requirements by purchasing a van.

Phase 3- Offered ESL and Computer workshops in 5 Asian communities, Nutrition and Diet for Asian Americans by organizing a Healthy Asian Recipe Contest and a Healthy Asian Food Expo and continued support for Transportation.

Working together on these projects with the top 5 Asian ethnic communities, Asian Center forged long term partnerships with them; and also became the leader in health and healthcare matters within Asian American communities.

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