Resource Advocates

From 2014-2016, Asian Center-SE MI was a partner to Area Agency on Aging 1B (AAA1B) for the Resource Advocates Project.  The project aimed to work in conjunction with other aging and disability network collaboratives to support and enhance access to services.  Resource Advocates seek out, identify and assist older adults in need of community services to identify resource that meet their needs. 

The goal for Asian Center Resource Advocacy program was to help senior Asian American (60 years and older) to live independely.   Asian Center strives to provide services according to AAA1B guideline to the various Asian ethnic groups where language could be a major social barrier.  Some examples of practical assistance are:

  • Community Living Program
  • Options Counseling
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Gatekeeper program
  • Referrals to AAA1B and /or approprate organizations for inforamtion & Assistance
  • Application to Meals on Wheels

Although after 2016, Asian Center-SE MI is no longer a partner with AAA1B in their Resource Advocates Project, the work to assist seniors in these areas continues.  Language barrier still presents itself as one of the biggest barriers for Asian seniors in their quest for social services.  Asian Center-SE MI with its bilingual/multilingual representatives who are knowledgeable in these areas continue to serve the community.  Currently the main requests for assistance are application for Medicare/Medicaid, Meals on Wheels.