Savvy Caregiver Training

The Savvy Caregiver Training Program is designed to train caregivers of dementia patents-primarily family members-providing them with guidance on techniques and methodologies in dealing with the patients and also resources that they can access for additional help. This program was designed to specifically help the Asian American population who tend to cope with the situation by themselves due to cultural and language barriers. Caregivers often struggle both emotionally and financially and many times at the expense of their own health to take care of an aged parent or family member with dementia.

Asian Center – Southeast Michigan (AC-SE MI) was commissioned by the Creating Confident Caregivers (CCC) group at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to offer the Asian American community in Michigan the “Savvy Caregivers Training” program. It was to train caregivers of dementia patients how and what to do, a program that not only supports these family caregivers but also improves their caregiving skills