[What We Do] To overcome social barriers, improve health and reduce health disparities for Asian American in Michigan.


[Where We Are Headed] To be the place for Asian Americans to learn about social determinants, and find help to support their health needs and concerns to improve their future health.


[Who We Are] We are a non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious and non-discriminatory humanitarian community organization working on health research and services to help Asian Americans meet their health needs.


Relation to PMCH at UMHS

Dr. Janilla Lee, Executive Director of Asian Center– Southeast MI (AC-SE MI),  is a member of the program for Multicultural Health (PMCH), at the Michigan Medicine of the University of Michigan, which is a strategic partner of Asian Center – SE MI. This is a two -way partnership: AC- SEMI gets support from colleagues at PMCH, and provides PMCH with Asian American health insights. As a member of PMCH,  Dr. Lee can benefit not only from intellectual discussions with their colleagues and many opportunities to participate in Michigan Medicine community health events, but also from the clinical support of UMHS.