Tai-Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

Evidence Based Program offered by Asian Center

It is an exercise program designed to improve mind and body coordination for fall prevention and is also proven to help arthritis. Trained instructors lead an 8 week class that is modeled on an evidence based curriculum. Participants learn gentle and controlled movements with the correct posture.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art exercise, now it is used as a flexibility exercise. Many Chinese living in the U.S. are practicing Tai Chi as part of their wellness program. There are many forms of tai-chi being practiced today. The benefits and the healing power of Tai Chi have not been completely researched and proven clinically. But there are some forms that have been studied and recognized.

Dr. Paul Lam, a family physician in Sydney, Australia developed arthritis as a teenager growing up in China. He began practicing Tai Chi to ease his arthritis pain, eventually modifying the popular Song style of Tai Chi to make it easier for people with arthritis. This form has been clinically proven by the Department of Health of the New South Wales in Australia to reduce their seniors falling rate by 70%. As a result, Dr. Lam’s Tai Chi is deemed as an “Evidence Based” exercise for arthritis and fall prevention.