Asian Center-South East Michigan (AC-SE MI) had its grand opening day on May 15, 2010 to officially introduce its services to Asian Americans in Michigan.  Awarded a grant from the Michigan Department of Community Health in 2010, AC-SE MI aligned its service with five Asian ethnic organizations, which are now its long-term partners for projects in the Asian American communities.  These five partner organizations represent the five Asian American groups with the highest populations in Michigan: Asian Indians, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans and Vietnamese. The partner organizations are:

  • Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (MAPI)
  • Michigan Chinese Women Association (MCWA)
  • Philippine Nurses Association of Michigan (PNAM)
  • Korean American Cultural Center of Michigan (KACCM)
  • Vietnamese American Association of Michigan (VAAM)

The American Cancer Society and PMCH are its two principal strategic partners since cancer is still the number one cause of death among Asian Americans.     <Learn More>


Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) is a very popular process used in health research these days. ForAsianCenter– Southeast Michigan (AC -SE MI), CBPR has been the best way to conduct research among the heterogeneous Asian American population in the state because it overcomes barriers in language and cultural differences among Asian ethnic groups. Using established groups as partners allows AC –SE MIto effectively connect with its target groups for studies and outreach programs.

AC -SE MIreceived a grant from the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) in 2010 to work on social determinants for Asian Americans. AC –SE MIcontracted community organizations from the five top populated Asian ethnic groups to carry out the study. Since then, these organizations have become long term partners withAsianCenter–SE MI.

This is how we can build an Asian health network inMichiganthat will allow us for faster and better communication on important health information that needs to be disseminated to Asian American communities. These five Asian community organizations are:

Asian IndiansMichigan Association of Physicians of Indian OriginMAPI
ChineseMichigan Chinese Women AssociationMCWA
FilipinosPhilippine Nurse Association of MichiganPNAM
KoreansKorean American Cultural Center of MichiganKACCM
VietnameseVietnamese American Association of MichiganVAAM

Now they are our long-term strategic partners on all project Asian Center – SE MI can offer.     <Learn More>