Brain Health and Dementia Seminars

Do you forget things? How often?
Do you know if it is aging forgetfulness or dementia?

Here is the Dementia and Brain Health Seminar Series that will give you the difference between the two. It also provides information how to keep your brain healthy.

August 17 | 10AM – 11AM
August 24 | 10AM – 11AM
September 14 | 10AM – 11AM
September 21 | 10AM – 11AM
October 21 | 11AM – 12:30PM
(More are coming)

Location: Asian Center-SEMI

Janilla Lee, Ph.D.
Public Health Researcher
Asian Center-SEMI
Program for multicultural Health, UMHS


View the Seminar Series Seminar Recording:

Brain Health and Dementia 1
Brain Health and Dementia _How to keep our brain healthy