Diabetes Prevention Program


Asian Americans have higher diabetes prevalence than non-Hispanic whites. Yet many Asian Americans do not know this fact. Asian Center – SE MI launched a diabetes awareness program a few years ago, intended to educate Asian Americans. And now AC-SE MI will further offer the diabetes prevention program to prevent pre-diabetic patients from getting the disease or at least delay the onset of the disease. AC-SE MI obtained support from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to conduct DPP among Asian Americans.

DPP Curriculum

The DPP curriculum that AC-SE MI will adopt is from CDC website. It consists of 16 counseling sessions held weekly or bi-weekly for the 1st half year. The 16 structured sessions covered topics:

Sessions 1-8 focus on the fundamental skills required of participants to achieve their goals. Topics covered include self-monitoring food intake, physical activity, and body weight; lowering fat and calories; eating healthfully; developing a physically active lifestyle; and learning behavioral self-management strategies.

Sessions 9-16 focus on the psychological, social, and motivational elements of lifestyle change with emphasis on recognizing and overcoming factors that interfere with attaining program goals.

After the 16-session core curriculum, subjects enter a post-core phase during which they attend sessions at least once every 2 months and receive phone calls at least once between sessions. This phase of the program is less structured, and the health care professionals leading it are encouraged to focus on topics of interest to subjects rather than follow a set curriculum.

Recruiting criteria

  • Asian Americans
  • 18 years or older
  • Pre-diabetic
  • Qualified by the pre-assessment questionnaire

Workplan for the next 2 years:

AC-SE MI would like to offer the Diabetes Prevention Programs to Chinese, Asian Indians, Filipinos and Korean in their respective native language in the next 2 years. Please call us at 248-227-4374 to find out timing.